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Off Leash Social is a dog park in Johnson City, TN - designed to provide a safe clean playful environment for dogs and a fun social bar environment their human companions.
Two dogs and a person at a dog park

Why Off Leash Social?

We’re Dog People People

We love dogs.  We love people. We love people who love dogs.

Dogs Need Exercise

Dogs are healthier and happier when they get regular exercise. Healthy happy dogs reflect healthy happy people.

Dogs Need to Socialize... As Do People

No need to choose between spending time with your dog or going out with friends.

Dog Wash Station

FREE for members!

dog in a dog park bar

Traditional Dog Parks Stink

  • They allow unfixed and unruly dogs.
  • Poop everywhere.
  • No amenities for humans except an old bench.
  • Self-monitored. You know how that goes.
  • BYO everything… but not alcohol, that’s illegal. Don’t forget your cooler.
  • Where's the bathroom?

WiFi, Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Soda, Coffee, Snacks, Music, Food Trucks, TV

Stop by to let the dog get a quick run or stay for the day. Bring your laptop and take a few business calls. Lounge back and sunbathe. Have a few drinks with your dog! Or without!

Dog Park Bar Events

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Off Leash Social regularly hosts special events, watch parties, trivia nights, etc. We are available for birthday parties. We plan a regular schedule of rotating local food trucks, happy hours, and other specials. Check the calendar for upcoming events!

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