Park Access

Memberships and Day Passes
Humans Are Free
Path to the bar at Off Leash Social

How to Join

  1. Complete the registration link
  2. Upload or email vet records. You can also bring them with you on your visit (need Rabies, Distemper, and Brotadella)
  3. Buy your package at the park*

*Note: Credit card required to register but never charged until you visit the park and buy a day pass or join.

Everyone 18+ welcome free of charge, regardless of whether you bring your dog. For dogs, you can purchase day passes, monthly memberships, or buy unlimited annual memberships at significant savings. All dogs need to be registered online.  Registration includes acknowledgement of rules, signing of a waiver, and providing all the veterinary records required to join. While you can register at the park, to ensure entry, register in advance to ensure vet records approved.

Membership Rates

Day Pass

Month Pass
Month to Month
1 Dog
Annual Pass
Annual 1 Dog
Month Pass
Month to Month
2nd dog same household
Annual Pass
Annual 2nd dog same household

We limit to 2 dogs allowed to enter per human in the party