Dog Park Info

Proud to be Johnson City’s only Dog Park Bar!
Dog with a beer

Off Leash Social is a dog park dedicated to providing a safe clean environment for dogs while offering entertainment and a fun social environment for people. The facility allows dogs to run free and play while their companions access wifi, ambient music, covered spaces for relieve from weather, a concession with beer, wine, cocktails, and alcohol-free options, clean bathrooms, and a dog washing station to get cleaned up before going home. The park will feature local food trucks, regular events, and local partnerships.

Dog standing on a table

Nothing like a public dog park

Off Leash Social serves our community by providing a clean, safe and fun environment for our dogs and people.  Dogs are more than pets – they are our best friends and our family members. Yet sometimes dog owners must decide between being social or spending time with their dogs.  Not anymore.

Virtually all public dog parks have little to no restrictions, allowing all dogs are welcome regardless of age, temperament, health, vaccinations, etc. They have unfixed dogs, sometimes in heat, sparking competitive behavior even among otherwise well-behaved dogs. Public parks are typically rife with uncollected dog waste posing health risks to dogs. Typical dog parks are usually just a fenced in area adjacent or part of a larger public park with no amenities for owners outside of a dirty public bathroom and a concrete bench to sit on. Off Leash Social addresses ALL these shortcomings.

Dog coming out of bathroom

Park Rules

  • 18 years old to enter
  • Pay close attention to your dog
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Intervene if your dog is not playing nicely
  • No toys, treats, or food please
  • Help and look after fellow members
  • Max 2 dogs per handler
Group drinking at dog park + bar
  • Must be spayed/neutered and at least 6 months old
  • Must be registered online, have vax records verified
  • Absolutely no fighting, excessive barking, or inciting other dogs
  • Must be in generally good health free of ticks and fleas
  • Must have flat-buckle collars or harnesses at all times
  • No digging
Dog walking at bar